Factored Machine Learning Training Program



We are doing it again. We are bringing the best AI training program from Silicon Valley and Stanford University to Latin America. We have already trained many of the best machine learning engineers in the world and will be launching a new program. Because of health restrictions, this section will be delivered remotely, but will have the same rigor and quality delivered for previous cohorts. In fact, we have expanded the learning experience and added newer and better topics and course materials. 

We are looking for engineers who are brilliant and passionate about machine learning and AI. If you are a quant genius, an experienced computer scientist, or even an accomplished engineer in other disciplines, don't hesitate to apply. We will turn you into an amazing machine learning engineer and will enable you to work on some of the most interesting projects with Silicon Valley companies. We have roles for every level of experience, whether you have just 1-2 years of programming experience, or have led teams for a decade, Factored offers a place to do the best work of your life surrounded by the best engineers you will ever work with. 

The training program is very selective, but once accepted, we will pay you to attend the program. If successful in completing the program, we will make you a full-time member of the best machine learning and data engineering team in Latin America and one of the best in the world.


Please contact if you have any questions about the training program.

Interested in joining our team of elite engineers right now?
Data Engineer 

If you have 3+ years of professional experience in Data Engineering, having worked with data structures & algorithms, OS, computer networks, and object-oriented programming, you could be a perfect Factored Data Engineer.

Data Scientist 

Are you proficient at general coding using any language, preferably Python or R? We're looking for a Data Scientist with a strong mathematical background and expertise at handling datasets. 

Machine Learning Engineer

This role is for those who have strong experience in machine learning and NLP. You must have a strong coding ability and be capable of launching and leading ML application projects in a multi-disciplinary environment. 

Data Analyst 

Are you proficient at general coding using any language, preferably Python or R? We're looking for a Data Analyst with a strong mathematical background and experience consuming datasets from APIs, ETL, databases or web scraping. 

Do the Best Work of Your Life

Factored works with some of the most innovative and forward thinking clients looking to shape the future of AI in a number of diverse industries. Whatever your interest and passions are, you will find very interesting projects to work on that will challenge you and give you tons of valuable experience.

Join a Passionate & Brilliant Team

We are highly selective about who joins our team. This is not just about having superior AI skills, but also about being good people that other good people like to be around. People who want to make a real difference in the world.

Continuously Learn & Grow

We are passionate about education and continuous learning. Our AI/ML training program is the best in its class—developed and taught by AI experts from Stanford and Silicon Valley.