We Hear You: Finding Qualified Data Scientists & AI Engineers is Nearly Impossible & Your Talent Gets Poached By Others

Companies are facing an unprecedented shortage of qualified Data Scientists & AI engineers. Top talent gets poached by FAANG companies, and your projects get delayed for several months...sometimes indefinitely. Too often, you hire inexperienced under-qualified engineers, who end up costing you several more months of delays.

Factored is Your Complete 
AI & Data Science Talent Solution

Let us help you bring your products to market much faster and at a much lower cost.

From sourcing, recruiting, training, and evaluation of talent, to managing premium tech offices, and data infrastructure, Factored takes care of everything your AI programs need to be successful.

Build High Caliber AI & Data Science Teams in a Few Weeks

Don’t wait months or years to fill critical data science & AI engineering roles with substandard candidates.

Our teams are highly trained and ready to start building significant value right away.

Best AI Training Program

Designed by some of the most recognized researchers and educators in the world, and delivered by experienced Stanford instructors.


Curriculum covers not just advanced theory and latest technologies, but plenty of practical real-world applications that will enable your engineers to contribute significantly from day 1.​

Premium Workspaces

Our beautiful offices are located in Palo Alto, CA (in the heart of Silicon Valley) and in Medellin, Colombia (USA Time zone). 


Our premium spaces are designed specifically to optimize real-time collaboration between tech teams and provide a superior work environment.

All-Inclusive HR, Payroll,
Benefits & Perks

Your teams receive best in class benefits, including health insurance, two premium meals per day, healthy snacks, transportation stipends, etc.

We Handle All the Details

We take care of everything your dedicated AI engineering team will need to be successful, managing everything from premium office space, technical infrastructure, equipment, logistics, HR, legal, payroll, etc.